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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Luxury 5 Star Hotels in Gurgaon

One of the busiest cities of India, New Delhi is the capital of India. The neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are supremely influential on Delhi’s culture and lifestyle. People from various parts of the country have Delhi as their home. A large number of travelers visit the city from all over the country, making it heavily populated. Delhi is also the most popular tourist attraction of foreign nationals and hence, a large number of global tourists visit the city. A lot of people come here on business purpose and for many it is the ideal choice for a holiday destination since there are innumerable tourist destinations in the National Capital Region (NCR). The major attractions of the city are its monuments of the bygone era and historical places where people gather in millions every single day. These tourist attractions never cease to be less appealing for tourists. Three among them are World Heritage Sites, making them even more popular. There are also some great places to shop in the city, these are mainly local markets which offers nice and cheap goods and are an absolute favorite of tourists, Indian and global alike.

Delhi seems as the perfect synchronization of the modern lifestyle as well as the old traditional values. On the one hand, we can see the Old Delhi still living in the past to some an extent and still upholding the values of the past and on the other hand we see this new uprising culture in New Delhi, especially among the youth where they opt for the more hippier life choices.

The food of Delhi is to die for. There are a number good places to eat a good meal. One could also search for places online to search for nice places. Gurgaon, in the NCR region is the business centre of the country. It is mainly for those who visit the city on corporate meets and conferences usually choose to stay in the hotels of Gurgaon. It favors and benefits them greatly to stay in Gurgaon, also because of its proximity to the airport. Those people here on business usually go for 5-star hotels in Gurgaon. Everything that one might need they can get near these high class hotels with world-class services. This area also shares proximity to a few hospitals, so one can look for HOTELS near Medanta Medicity online and there are arrays of options nearby. As these hotels promise, they provide their guests with utmost comfort and luxury and cater after their smallest of needs. This surely is a good option for those in business in Gurgaon.

Way get Cheap Hotel Deals

Acquiring cheap hotel deals is very beneficial when one is planning to travel across the country or within the country as it helps in saving a lot of money which can be used in several other places while you are travelling.

So it’s very essential that when you are travelling you search for cheap hotel deals or best deals for hotels so that you can enjoy your vacation which doesn’t end your wallet empty.

The internet is the best source of information these days, so when you need to plan a trip it’s highly recommended that you search online for best accommodation hotel deals. But the other important thing is that there is too much information present on the internet so it can be confusing for you, and you may not be able to find the right kind of deal for yourself.

So here is a small list of some very helpful advices which if you follow can definitely get you the best deals for hotels.

Start Searching Online

As we already mentioned above, the internet is the best source of information these days, there are many travel and tourism websites online which have affiliations with thousands of hotels around the globe. There are also online hotel booking websites which only specializes in hotel booking, these portals provide you with all the information on all the hotels in a city, their images and location. You can also filter your search according to type of hotel and room you require or the price.

These websites are a good option for booking your hotel online as they provide cheap deals, and discount packages for different hotels. Nonetheless you should also read the information regarding extra charges and fees, whether your booking is refundable or non-refundable.

Look For Cheap Deals during Peak Travelling Season

In the normal, peak travelling season you will notice that many of the hotels which normally offer reasonable prices have increased their charges, you may find this happening in summer vacations, winter vacations and Christmas time. Nonetheless, you will be surprised to know that even in peak season some online hotel booking portals offer such lucrative deals which can save you a lot of money.

Keep the Location of the Hotel in Mind

When booking a hotel also keep the location in mind as it is also an important factor. Try to book a hotel which is located in the suburbs and is away from the central city as this will offer you hotels in reasonable price. Hotels that are located centrally are more costly as they are convenient.

Keep Special Eye on the Discount and Special Offers

If you are booking your hotel from an online hotel booking portal then we suggest that you keep a special eye on the hotel deals, and special offers like many hotels will be offering a discount that may be for a limited time only.

Best Hotels in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a major hub for business travelers from all over the world, thanks to it being the biggest commercial and industrial center of South India. Thanks to its thriving automobile industry, Chennai is also known as the Detroit of India. People who travel to the city get the pleasure of enjoying a city that is witnessing globalization on a rapid scale, and just looking at the traditional little homes vying for attention from the sky scrapers coming up in every nook and corner helps you see how far the city has indeed come. Travelers are aplenty, and so are the hotels, with a range of luxury five star hotels, boutique hotels, premier business hotels and bed and breakfasts spread all across the city. And if you are able to book one of the best hotels in Chennai, then you are sure to have a great experience.

The spacious rooms as well as the suites are beautifully decorated, with elegant fixtures, ergonomic furnishings and modern amenities. The in-room amenities include electronic safes, dual line telephones, LCD television, DVD player, tea and coffee maker, complimentary wireless Internet access and so on. With these amenities, rest assured, neither are you ever out of touch with your work and loved ones, nor are you out of touch with what is happening around the world. Booking these hotel rooms in Chennai are your best bet for accommodation in the city. If you feel the need to de-stress, then spend some time at the in-house spa, or swim a few laps at the gleaming azure swimming pool or let the trainer at the in-house fitness center show you how to shed a few calories. The well equipped business center ensures that you do not even have to leave your hotel premises, even if you need to connect with your work.

For the foodies out there, a visit to Chennai and staying at the best hotels in Chennai can be quite a fruitful experience. This is because there are several restaurants housed by these hotels, and all of them serve up a storm of great food. You could choose to go for Indian delicacies, be it the local dishes or dishes from up north. But if you feel inclined towards trying out a few cuisines from around the world, these hotels can summon up those too. Enjoy open air dining, fine dining, cafe style eateries and more! The choice is endless. Book hotel rooms in Chennai in advance if you want to make sure that you are not disappointed at the last moment.

Package of Fun Tour in Bathinda

Bathinda of Punjab is visited by people of different circles as the year progressed. There are some historical spots, restaurants and architectures in this city. Whether you have come here for a relaxation get-away or having a stop-over at Bathinda for a day, you can simply visit a percentage of the best places of the city in 24 hours time. You will surely enjoy the city.

One Day Tour in Bathinda:

Though one day is insufficient to get the complete feel of the city however if the whole day’s agenda can be arranged precisely and cleverly, one can really revel some of the best vacationer spots in Bathinda and delight in mouth watering dishes at restaurants and eateries of Bathinda. Here in the article, you will get to know how to enjoy your 24 hours stay in Bathinda, a city that has enough of historical places. Bathinda City Tour must be begun a bit early else it may not be workable for one to cover all the vital places in Bathinda.

Restaurants for Breakfast:

Beginning the one day visit in Bathinda City without eating is not fair. You can have Aalo Parantha at Zakhira restaurant of Bathinda City or you could have Chole Bhaturae at Anand Chole Bhaturae. Alongside the Parantha or Chole Bhaturae, you can also delight in Punjabi Lassi that is served in the traditional way. Bread Pakodas, jalebis, foods also can be enjoyed. If you have special interest for tea or coffee, you can get them as well. South Indian dishes are likewise offered in numerous restaurants. Restaurants offering breakfast are additionally there in Bathinda.

Visit to Talwandi Sabo:

Talwandi Sabo, otherwise called Daamdama Sahib, is a holy place for the Sikhs yet it is also gone to by various people of different religions. Talwandi Sabo is one of the 5 Takhts of Sikkhism Visitors can also enjoy food at Langar at Talwandi Sabo. The menu incorporates chapatti, sabzi and daal (pulses). Talwandi Sabo is also called Daamdama Sahib as Guru Gobind Singh Ji had taken dam (rest) at Talwandi Sabo for a year after the battle with the Mughals.

Shopping at Bathinda:

Visiting by different places of enthusiasm toward Bathinda will never finish your Bathinda visit. If you are a passionate shopper, you will not like to leave Bathinda without shopping at the Dhovi Bazar and Mall Road. These are the places where one gets traditional things of Punjab and different varieties of contemporary items of brands.

Restaurants for Having Dinner:

You can relax after such a rushed day just after you get great food to consume and chilled drink. You can come to Comfort hotel to delight in wonderful dinner. If you are searching for good beverages then Maikhana Bar at Comfort hotel will never disappoint you. Refresh yourself with chilled beverages. The adjoining restaurant of this bar offers multi-cooking foods to the visitor. Enjoy in extravagant food and have a decent rest during the evening.

Come stay eat and shop from Bathinda and make your trip more memorable.