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3 Star Hotels Near Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan for his third wife Mumtaz. He was so deeply in love with her, that he could not accept her death. Mumtaz died giving birth to her fourteenth baby, and Shahjahan, erected a monument to immortalize his wife. Mumtaz was well-known for her beauty and charm, therefore the Taj also had to do justice to the beauty of Mumtaz, which it rightly did. Built in the seventeenth century, it took 22 years for the Taj Mahal to be built. More than seven thousand workers were employed in its building. It’s a beautiful place where people come from every part of the world to pay their homage to the love which Shahjahan had for his wife.

It is not a difficult task to travel to Agra, a number of flights go to Delhi from where, trains travel to Agra. One may even go for a road trip from Delhi to Agra. One of the major concerns while travelling to an unknown city is the accommodation. Those who wish to live safely at good hotel, which has many facilities, can opt for 3 star hotels near Taj Mahal.These hotels have excellent services, good staff and charge much less than the 5 star ones. They can be excellent lodging options for families who wish to go on vacation trips. The hotels are comfortable, and very close to the Taj. Close proximity to the monument is very important, because it avoids the hassle of travelling in an unknown city.

Travel companies, which make travel bookings, mostly have their bookings made in these hotels, because of the excellent services they provide at reasonable rates. Those who travel from abroad and are not accustomed to the Indian way of living can also stay in these hotels, without a second thought. The management is such that it can cater to the needs of people, from different nationalities, who speak different languages. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahalare the best bet for those who do not have an elaborate travel budget.

The Taj is one of the many must visit sights, for all. The architecture must be witnessed once in a life time. A tragic memorial of love and longing is definitely worth a single visit. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahal, make it possible for people to have a comfortable and memorial stay in Agra. Well designed and properly maintained these 3 star hotels near Agra are the best option for the people who have a dream, to see this beautiful sight. The splendid grandeur of this heritage sight is a good enough reason to travel their. The Taj is one of the most important crowd pullers of India, from people across various continents. For some it’s a deep rooted wish, to see this monument up close and witness its opulent architecture. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahalfulfill the wish of the people who want to travel to Agra and see the Taj, but do not have a very heavy wallet.