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5 TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life

5 TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life

Television is a way to escape from reality for an hour or so at a time. Romantic comedies are so of the most popular on television because of the relationship between the couples. However cute they may be on the screen, these TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life make it impossible to read too much into their relationships.

Big Bang Theory

This show centers around a few very smart men and their gorgeous neighbor. After a couple of seasons, the men started hooking up with women who they would have never landed in real life. For example, Howard and Bernadette have virtually nothing in common but the odd relationships they have with their mothers. That just isn’t enough to sustain a relationship in the real world but it seems to work for them on television. The connections between Penny and Leonard and Sheldon and Amy aren’t likely to be seen between any real people either.


When Monica and Chandler started dating, everyone knew it wouldn’t work in real life. There’s no way a woman who was known to her boyfriend as Ross’ fat sister would marry him. However, because the TV world of the Friends’ stars didn’t give them too many other people to date, it only made sense the women and men would date each other.

Sex and the City

Carrie and Mr. Big would have never hooked up in real life. The relationship began as an affair and those hookups rarely end in marriage. With Mr. Big’s commitment issues, it’s unlikely Carrie Bradshaw would have devoted several seasons of her real life to chasing a man who wasn’t ready to be her’s.

TV is fun to watch as long as people don’t spend too much time analyzing the relationships between the characters. It’s best to use these shows for what they are meant to do — give people an escape from reality as they unwind after a long day of real life. By relaxing and not reading too much into the story line, viewers can enjoy the odd relationships and forget they have to return to real life they following day.

How Can A Divorce Mediator Help Petitioners?

How Can A Divorce Mediator Help Petitioners?

In Connecticut, mediation is used in divorce cases to help the couple make vital choices. The process is needed when the divorce is contested. If each party can agree during mediation, it is possible to acquire an amicable divorce that protects the interests of each party. A local attorney provides guidance for the petitioner when mediation is required.

What Does Contested and Uncontested Divorce Mean?

The difference in the types of divorce is based on whether the parties are in agreement. Any divorce that is in any way disputed is considered contested. If the parties agree, the divorce is uncontested and is finalized sooner. The mediation process is initiated when the couple has exhausted all other avenues for negotiating through their attorneys. The process allows the couple to attend the meeting with their attorney and convey their needs, wishes, and ask questions as needed.

Do Children Have a Right to Say Where They Want to Live?

When child custody is the major reason for mediation, it is possible for the child to provide a statement about where they want to live. If the child is at least twelve years old, a guardian ad litem is assigned to the child to initiate the child’s right to choose where they live. The child could attend mediation in some cases to see their wishes fulfilled. A child can also initiate their rights during a divorce trial.

Why is Mediation Better Than a Trial?

Mediation allows the couple and their attorneys to meet in private and discuss their issues. A trial is held in a public courtroom where anyone can attend. Mediation keeps all the decision-making power in the hands of the couple. Once a trial is needed, the couple no longer makes decisions about the case. The judge and jury deliver all final renderings about the divorce case.

In Connecticut, mediation is used in divorce cases to help couples finalize their divorce without a trial. A failure to reach an agreement causes delays and could lead to a trial that lasts up to two years. Petitioners who need help during mediation can contact a divorce mediator right now.