Aric Cramer and Other Attorneys Help Innocent Drivers Avoid the Consequences of DUI Convictions

Aric Cramer and Other Attorneys Help Innocent Drivers Avoid the Consequences of DUI Convictions

Driving is a privilege and also a serious responsibility. Even a slightly careless or inattentive driver can cause grave harm to others, and some go a lot further.

One of the most dangerous things any driver can do is get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Being under the influence of alcohol or a drug can turn a normally responsible, careful driver into a menace to all those around them.

As a result, the authorities in Utah take a very dim view of this type of behavior. Punishments for drinking and driving are some of the most severe to be found anywhere, and most view this as a positive thing.

At the same time, this approach to enforcement can also mean innocent drivers end up facing the possibility of extremely negative consequences thanks to simple mistakes or oversights committed by others. Consulting with an attorney like Aric Cramer will make it much more likely that such problems can be avoided.

Serious Consequences for Almost Any DUI Conviction in Utah

Utah has some of the strictest laws regarding the selling and consumption of alcohol of all the United States. That generally prohibitive take on a potentially problematic substance carries over to the laws and punishments applicable to drivers who are intoxicated.

Even a first-time conviction for DUI in Utah can have devastating consequences. While that fact hopefully keeps many drivers from engaging in this especially dangerous type of behavior, it can also end up being of particular concern to innocent drivers who find themselves facing charges. Some of the types of punishments that are often applied after a conviction include:

  • Fines. Just about every driver who is convicted of DUI will be forced to pay a fine of $700 or more.
  • Jail time. Many drivers will serve a day or more in jail, a punishment that can be more disruptive than many would expect.
  • Suspension of driving privileges. Judges will often suspend the licenses of drivers who have been convicted of DUI.

Legal Representation Makes a Difference

Avoiding consequences like these and others after being wrongly charged with DUI should always be the top priority. Getting in touch with a lawyer will inevitably improve the odds.

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