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Best Hotels in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a major hub for business travelers from all over the world, thanks to it being the biggest commercial and industrial center of South India. Thanks to its thriving automobile industry, Chennai is also known as the Detroit of India. People who travel to the city get the pleasure of enjoying a city that is witnessing globalization on a rapid scale, and just looking at the traditional little homes vying for attention from the sky scrapers coming up in every nook and corner helps you see how far the city has indeed come. Travelers are aplenty, and so are the hotels, with a range of luxury five star hotels, boutique hotels, premier business hotels and bed and breakfasts spread all across the city. And if you are able to book one of the best hotels in Chennai, then you are sure to have a great experience.

The spacious rooms as well as the suites are beautifully decorated, with elegant fixtures, ergonomic furnishings and modern amenities. The in-room amenities include electronic safes, dual line telephones, LCD television, DVD player, tea and coffee maker, complimentary wireless Internet access and so on. With these amenities, rest assured, neither are you ever out of touch with your work and loved ones, nor are you out of touch with what is happening around the world. Booking these hotel rooms in Chennai are your best bet for accommodation in the city. If you feel the need to de-stress, then spend some time at the in-house spa, or swim a few laps at the gleaming azure swimming pool or let the trainer at the in-house fitness center show you how to shed a few calories. The well equipped business center ensures that you do not even have to leave your hotel premises, even if you need to connect with your work.

For the foodies out there, a visit to Chennai and staying at the best hotels in Chennai can be quite a fruitful experience. This is because there are several restaurants housed by these hotels, and all of them serve up a storm of great food. You could choose to go for Indian delicacies, be it the local dishes or dishes from up north. But if you feel inclined towards trying out a few cuisines from around the world, these hotels can summon up those too. Enjoy open air dining, fine dining, cafe style eateries and more! The choice is endless. Book hotel rooms in Chennai in advance if you want to make sure that you are not disappointed at the last moment.

Package of Fun Tour in Bathinda

Bathinda of Punjab is visited by people of different circles as the year progressed. There are some historical spots, restaurants and architectures in this city. Whether you have come here for a relaxation get-away or having a stop-over at Bathinda for a day, you can simply visit a percentage of the best places of the city in 24 hours time. You will surely enjoy the city.

One Day Tour in Bathinda:

Though one day is insufficient to get the complete feel of the city however if the whole day’s agenda can be arranged precisely and cleverly, one can really revel some of the best vacationer spots in Bathinda and delight in mouth watering dishes at restaurants and eateries of Bathinda. Here in the article, you will get to know how to enjoy your 24 hours stay in Bathinda, a city that has enough of historical places. Bathinda City Tour must be begun a bit early else it may not be workable for one to cover all the vital places in Bathinda.

Restaurants for Breakfast:

Beginning the one day visit in Bathinda City without eating is not fair. You can have Aalo Parantha at Zakhira restaurant of Bathinda City or you could have Chole Bhaturae at Anand Chole Bhaturae. Alongside the Parantha or Chole Bhaturae, you can also delight in Punjabi Lassi that is served in the traditional way. Bread Pakodas, jalebis, foods also can be enjoyed. If you have special interest for tea or coffee, you can get them as well. South Indian dishes are likewise offered in numerous restaurants. Restaurants offering breakfast are additionally there in Bathinda.

Visit to Talwandi Sabo:

Talwandi Sabo, otherwise called Daamdama Sahib, is a holy place for the Sikhs yet it is also gone to by various people of different religions. Talwandi Sabo is one of the 5 Takhts of Sikkhism Visitors can also enjoy food at Langar at Talwandi Sabo. The menu incorporates chapatti, sabzi and daal (pulses). Talwandi Sabo is also called Daamdama Sahib as Guru Gobind Singh Ji had taken dam (rest) at Talwandi Sabo for a year after the battle with the Mughals.

Shopping at Bathinda:

Visiting by different places of enthusiasm toward Bathinda will never finish your Bathinda visit. If you are a passionate shopper, you will not like to leave Bathinda without shopping at the Dhovi Bazar and Mall Road. These are the places where one gets traditional things of Punjab and different varieties of contemporary items of brands.

Restaurants for Having Dinner:

You can relax after such a rushed day just after you get great food to consume and chilled drink. You can come to Comfort hotel to delight in wonderful dinner. If you are searching for good beverages then Maikhana Bar at Comfort hotel will never disappoint you. Refresh yourself with chilled beverages. The adjoining restaurant of this bar offers multi-cooking foods to the visitor. Enjoy in extravagant food and have a decent rest during the evening.

Come stay eat and shop from Bathinda and make your trip more memorable.

3 Star Hotels Near Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan for his third wife Mumtaz. He was so deeply in love with her, that he could not accept her death. Mumtaz died giving birth to her fourteenth baby, and Shahjahan, erected a monument to immortalize his wife. Mumtaz was well-known for her beauty and charm, therefore the Taj also had to do justice to the beauty of Mumtaz, which it rightly did. Built in the seventeenth century, it took 22 years for the Taj Mahal to be built. More than seven thousand workers were employed in its building. It’s a beautiful place where people come from every part of the world to pay their homage to the love which Shahjahan had for his wife.

It is not a difficult task to travel to Agra, a number of flights go to Delhi from where, trains travel to Agra. One may even go for a road trip from Delhi to Agra. One of the major concerns while travelling to an unknown city is the accommodation. Those who wish to live safely at good hotel, which has many facilities, can opt for 3 star hotels near Taj Mahal.These hotels have excellent services, good staff and charge much less than the 5 star ones. They can be excellent lodging options for families who wish to go on vacation trips. The hotels are comfortable, and very close to the Taj. Close proximity to the monument is very important, because it avoids the hassle of travelling in an unknown city.

Travel companies, which make travel bookings, mostly have their bookings made in these hotels, because of the excellent services they provide at reasonable rates. Those who travel from abroad and are not accustomed to the Indian way of living can also stay in these hotels, without a second thought. The management is such that it can cater to the needs of people, from different nationalities, who speak different languages. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahalare the best bet for those who do not have an elaborate travel budget.

The Taj is one of the many must visit sights, for all. The architecture must be witnessed once in a life time. A tragic memorial of love and longing is definitely worth a single visit. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahal, make it possible for people to have a comfortable and memorial stay in Agra. Well designed and properly maintained these 3 star hotels near Agra are the best option for the people who have a dream, to see this beautiful sight. The splendid grandeur of this heritage sight is a good enough reason to travel their. The Taj is one of the most important crowd pullers of India, from people across various continents. For some it’s a deep rooted wish, to see this monument up close and witness its opulent architecture. 3 star hotels near Taj Mahalfulfill the wish of the people who want to travel to Agra and see the Taj, but do not have a very heavy wallet.

Luxury and Budget Hotels in Thane

Thane, the city of lakes, is one ideal destination for fun holidays. Often known as the elder sister of Mumbai, it is an important metropolitan in the state of Maharashtra. It is the headquarter of district with the same name, and is also a powerful centre of commerce and education. Apparently, Mumbai is hugely depend on Thane for water supply. The biggest assertion of the city’s popularity is that it is among the two cities between which the first railway line was laid.

As far as Thane tourismgoes, well, the city is most popularly known for being the ideal weekend getaway for the Mumbaikars and people visiting Mumbai. It is about 32 Km from Mumbai, and there are several taxi and bus services connecting the two cities.

The city was once known as a suburb of Mumbai, but that conception is long gone now. Today, it is a one separate city with all modern infrastructure, commerce centres, and several modern elements of tourism. It is worth mentioning that there exists 30 lakes in different parts of the city. Each one is amazingly beautiful, however the most popular one is Lake Masunda. A walk along side the lakes at the evening, enjoying boat rides, and watching the sun hiding behind the Yeoor Hills are the experiences that every traveller should take pleasure of. Apart from the lakes, there exists several other attractions in the city. Kopineshwar Mandir, St. John the Baptist Church, Gadkari Rangayatan, Yeoor Hills, Vardhman Fantasy Park, Hakone Entertainment Centre, Sai Nath Temple, Jyotiba Mandir, and Ghodbunder Fort etc., are to name some of the primeplaces to visit in Thane.

In addition to all, the city is also widely known for its nightlife and bar culture. If you are a party-person, this is a city that you should visit. There exists some of the most popular bar and clubs in the city. Other than the clubs and bars, the city also houses some excellent restaurants and hotels. With an increase in tourism, there is also a significant rise in the number ofhotels in Thane. Irrespective of one’s budget the city invites all, to explore the place and relish the exquisite hospitality. Some of the most recommended hotels in the city include:

Hotel Satkar Residency – The hotel is a plush property and is among the finest hotels in the region. Sufficiently catering all needs of guests, the hotel ensures that each guest will get a comfortable and pleasant stay. The hotel is in close proximity to the Thane railway station and is well-connected to the airport. This property consists of all modern amenities that one expects. These include: business centre, modern conference room, Wi-fi, foreign exchange, parking, fitness centre, banquet hall, jacuzzi, swimming pool, laundry, lift, gym, travel desk, and restaurant.

Hotel Royal Guest House – It is an ideal fit for the budget travellers. For a low price the hotel offers above satisfactory stay conveniences and comforts. The location of the hotel is ideal, and is within easy reach of travellers. It is popular for its low price, relaxing ambience, and friendly staff. There is 24 hr reception available and check-in starts after 12:00. The hotel is pretty constrained in amenities, but it is a well maintained hotel offering traditional hospitality combined with personalized services.

Guide to a Five Star Hotel

There are numerous factors that will guide and impact the last decision of Best Hotels in Dalhousie or resort you’ll wish to book for your vacation. We all have our favored method for booking a resort. You can truly put in hours and even days looking in resorts and sites to see pictures and features of them and the services offered by each. A few conveniences may be essential to you. In case you’re traveling alone, the job is simpler. In case you’re going with others, keeping everybody satisfied is not necessary. Despite the proposed methods given below, one variable will be steady to all: budget. There’s no reason for taking a two-week travel in a five-star hotel if your budget is not allowed to do so.

List of things:

The main technique consists of making a list of criteria that will impact your choice to choose a hotel. When this step is carried out, and then comes the extreme part. Begin arranging the list by putting the most important things at the highest priority. At that point allot a number to each one component. At this stage, verify everybody concurs with the newly formed list. From the list, pick the most essential thing (your top priority) and begin searching the web on this necessity. At last, proceed with your search experiencing your list of criteria until you’re fulfilled that you’ve discovered the most suitable hotels for you and your companions.

Compare prices:

Pick a hotel site, and then find all hotels accessible at your end of the line. On the off chance that the area is not imperative to you, essentially sort the hotel posting by star rating. For the most part, the costs are generally adjusted to the quantity of stars, so the more star rating, the higher the costs. This technique permits you to admiration your funding decently and effectively.


Most five star hotels sites have a guide demonstrating where the hotels are actually situated. This is truly convenient, as should be obvious where the hotel is in connected to the most popular areas. In the event that the site does not give this alternative, select the hotel address and use other site guide administrations for Hotels and resorts in Dalhousie for example, Google Maps or Bing Maps to see the lodging particular area. It’s a decent thought to focus first in which zone you wish to be. That way, you won’t lose time finding resorts that are no places near your favored area or places. The further you are from the purposes of investment, the more extravagant it will be for you to get there.

Explore Internet:

If you know the name of the hotel or resort where you’d like to stay, you can sort in alphabetical order of lodgings or simply writing the name of the hotel one after another. In this way you can find some of the best hotels and deals offered by them especially in some special seasons.

Once you’ve discovered the hotel you need, use internet to see what’s accessible and Packages for Dalhousie. At that point, go to that hotel’s site to book straightforwardly – most lodgings surety you the least rate when you book on their site, and will match a lower value discovered somewhere else.

Way Avoid Common Hotel Booking Mistakes

1. Expecting the Best Room in the Hotel:- A fairly common practice amongst hotels is to allot the best rooms (with better views and quieter locations) to guests who book on their website and to loyalty members. Travellers who have booked through online travel portals like Expedia and Priceline are allotted rooms that are basically whatever is left after the initial allocation. The way around this is to join the (often free) hotel loyalty programs and be treated to free breakfast, wi-fi and other helpful amenities. If budget is tight then it definitely makes sense to book through an online travel portal, otherwise, make your booking directly on the hotel website.

2. Expect All Requests To Be Granted:- High floor, non-smoking, pool view and king beds? When reserving a room, you will be presented several amenities and filters, however, if you go through the fine print, there will be a mention that all requests are not guaranteed. There is no way around this except to expect nothing. Hotels will generally try to accommodate your requests, provided you ask politely. Also, try calling the hotel before you check in to confirm your request, especially it is of medical nature.

3. Not Using Credit Card:- Always remember, while booking a hotel, credit card is king. They offer a plethora of benefits like airline miles, free night stays and cash backs, apart from other bonuses like immediate refund for cancellations. Another problem with using debit card is that most hotels charge an incidental deposit for guests booking with a debit card in order to protect themselves against any overdraft sees in the event your account has insufficient funds. Choose the right type of credit card and you could access several benefits during hotel booking. Also check out sites which offers updated credit card promotions before making your booking.

4. Not Comparing Prices:- Saw a great deal on a hotel and booked it without a second thought? You could be missing out on several good deals by not doing the proper research. When it comes to any ecommerce transaction, compare multiple sites before you make your purchase/booking. Use metasearch sites (sites that aggregate rates from multiple websites) to compare the hotel rates on sites like Priceline, Expedia and Research the types of discounts being offered and see which hone will save you the most amount of money. For eg:- a hotel might be offering 10% summer sale discount, but your AAA discount could be bigger.

Hotels Near Chandigarh Railway Station

Chandigarh is one of the well known metropolitan cities in India. It is the state capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab and is mainly populated by politicians, students, artists, corporate and media professionals. These people always search for a comfortable accommodation within the city that is clubbed with economical tariffs.

The hotels are scattered throughout the city but, most of them can be located near the bus stop, railways station and airport. These hotels share their details on location, tariffs, and facilities along with accommodation on their websites and with the registered travel agencies. Travellers are always welcome to grab details of tariffs, the facilities and rooms through any of the means available.

Keeping in mind the convenience of the travellers, most hotels offer online booking facility. This tech-savvy procedure enables travellers to book their accommodation in advance, from any part of the globe.

As most travellers reach Chandigarh through rail and air, they are bound to locate their accommodation destinations in the same area. The hotels near Chandigarh railway station remain occupied by travellers throughout the year. The hotels in the area are classified as three and four star, budget, deluxe hotels and travellers choose from them accordingly. For further queries, the tourists contact authorities to directly grab details about rooms, packages and tariffs.

The same procedure is applicable to the hotels near Chandigarh airport. An important part of the hotel is the sound proof ambience. The windows and doors keep noise at bay that might hamper their comfort after the tiring journey.

The hotels also offer space and convenience to their guests for organising business meetings, family gatherings and outings during their stay at Chandigarh hotels.

Sound proof halls well fitted with projectors, screens, mikes and sound system, coordinated seating arrangement capable of accommodating more than twenty-thirty people, air-conditioners and blowers, depending upon the weather, stationary and snacks/lunch are some of the tenets of organising a business meeting.

Families who plan to organise a good marriage function can contact hotels who offer large space, and the management helps to contact interior designers, electricians and organising meals throughout the day.

Guests can contact the management staff to discuss the availability of space for the required days along with tariffs.

Furthermore, people can enjoy a detailed trip across the city at Rose Garden, Rock garden, Sukhna Lake and some can also plan a trip to the nearby cities. As Chandigarh is famous for its classic infrastructure, people can also enjoy a drive on the roads of this beautiful city.

Choose the Best Hotels in Jodhpur

Rajasthan- The princely state and the symbol of the royalty of the Rajputs have always made our country proud. This state is the perfect tourist spot for those who want to see and experience the true color of the Indian rajas and maharajas who lived a life of fame and died a death of honor. Rajasthan is the one of those states in India that forms the backbone of the tourism industry of the country. This charming and colourful state attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and is the greatest source of foreign exchange for the country.

Millions of people from every part of the globe visit Rajasthan every year, if you see yourself cherishing similar wish, then it is time to get-set-go. But wait, before you press on the accelerator, it is important to find out one of the best hotels in Jodhpur that serves your purpose and fits in your budget as well. But how to find out which of these hotels matches your criteria. It becomes all the more difficult with so many options present at your hands. However, there are some ways to select the better among the best.

To select the perfect holiday stay-out, the very first thing that you must do is to log on to the net and search out for the preeminent hotels in Jodhpur. You will see a lot of names on your screen; make a list of those names that initially looks good. After you have listed the names of the hotels, it is now time to move on with your sorting job. While you sort out the names, make sure you choose one that operates in the particular area you are planning to visit. For example, if you are planning to visit Jodhpur, ensure that you choose a hotel that operates there.

The next important thing is to scrutinize through the website. All good and reputed hotels have their website. Go through them; visit the services page to find out about their services that they offer. Whether, they have facilities like fully air-conditioned rooms with attached bath, proper parking facilities, 24 hours water and security, reasonably priced restaurants are some of the important features that you need to know about. You may also know inquire about their travel desk or sightseeing service that they have their for their guests. You should also visit the testimonial page, if any to know what their guest have to say about their service.

Last but not the least, the tariff; this is the greatest decisive factor not only when it comes to choosing a hotel but also when it comes to plan a vacation. So, it is better to look for a hotel that provides you all the required facility in your budget. You can choose from among the budget hotel in Jodhpur. These hotels offer the luxury of a five star hotel in a very reasonable price for their customers. You can also avail the online booking facility where you can book rooms or suits online. However, it is advisable to shop around and compare the price before you make any booking. This will help you to save more and win the best deal. So what are you waiting for? Search out a good one among the budget hotel in Jodhpur and then experience a royal vacation.

Best Hotels in Ranthambhore

Resplendent Ranthambhore where history left a lasting legacy as Alllaudin Khilji fought to master its almost impregnable fort, where the impressive litany of big cats and a munificent manifestation of a region rich in a fascinating animal life and colorful avian series, enriches your existence immeasurably – check into one of the Best Hotels in Ranthambhore and allow yourself to be swamped by its largesse!

Even as make yourself comfortable in one of the elite Hotels near Ranthambhore National Park and ensconce yourself in your cool air-conditioned room, you are inheriting a modern and stylish legacy of spacious and well furnished rooms with sturdy furniture and attached en-suite bathrooms with an array of branded toiletries to pamper you. There are also other in-room amenities to be enjoyed such as a satellite television, refrigerator, daily newspaper and a luscious fruit basket with the best of nature’s offerings! With a doctor on call, laundry services, generous facilities for the handicapped, as well as parking facility, there are many advantages in hand here for the inveterate traveler.

As you emerge from your elegant deluxe rooms or generously spacious suites where you can “camp” en famille or with friends and colleagues in comfort and style, it would be best for you to satiate those hunger pangs first and head to the lavish multi-cuisine in-house restaurant which has a wide array of delicious Indian dishes and international delicacies, drawn from around the world. With the taste-buds tingling in anticipation of savoring such a delectable choice of epicurean delights, you can look forward to relishing some of the most sumptuous food here!

With other reasonably priced services also on offer from these Hotels near Ranthambhore National Park like bonfire nights, transfers, sightseeing and guide services, you can explore the rich plethora of sights and sounds and significant tourist spots, in which Ranthambhore abounds. These include Ranthambhore National Park, one of the largest and most renowned National Parks in northern India, in south-eastern Rajasthan and the happy hunting ground of the erstwhile royal Maharajas of Jaipur! The abundantly rich animal kingdom here includes, among others, an impressive amalgam of tigers, leopards, striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, chital, nilgai, macaques, jackals, Jungle cats, Caracals, Sloth bears, Black bucks, Indian Wild Boar, Chinkara, Common Palm Civets, Yellow Bats, Desert Cats, flying foxes, a large number of marsh crocodiles and reptiles as well as colorful avian species. When you stay in the Best hotels in Ranthambhore, you are guaranteed an enriching and exciting time exploring other places like Jogi Mahal, Sawai Madhopur, Lakarda and Malik Talav also and being pampered thoroughly.

Aurangabad Hotels

Travelling is an integral part in the lives of people and each trip, be it small or big requires proper planning. When people travel they try to explore new places, search for ancient and modern cities, beach places and hill stations.

One of the finest cities in the country is Aurangabad, located in the Maharashtra. This city is named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and was founded in 1610 by Malik Ambar as Khadke. The prominent places in the area for excursion include the beautiful Ajanta and Ellora Caves that have paintings, sculptures, designs from the Buddhist era, Aurangzeb’s tomb, the Daulatabad Fort, Bibi ka Maqbara and the windmills.

The city is well connected to the airport and railway station. Travellers can easily reach their desired destinations without hassles. Some travellers who visit the city through rails can easily locate Aurangabad hotels near railway station. These hotels offer their details on their websites. Location, accommodation, tariff, packages, and facilities are available on the website. Some of the hotels offer packages inclusive of camps and excursions within the city and nearby places.

Many travellers because of their busy schedules also prefer reaching Aurangabad using airplane. Thus, many hotels in Aurangabad near airport are also available for tourists who visit the city through airways. Most of them are classified as five star, four and three star hotels, budget, business and deluxe hotels.

Travellers choose their hotel of accommodation depending on their budget and preferences. The additional amenities offered by the hotels include cab-on-call, medical facility, money exchanger options, spa and fitness center, parking area, swimming pool, and restaurant. The hotels also have a sound proof and air-conditioned ambience that offers the tourists peace and serenity.

As some hotels in Aurangabad, both near railway station as well as airport have tie-ups with travel agencies, the travellers can also grab the good accommodation centers available in the city.

Each of these hotels offer online payment facility wherein the accommodation seekers can use their master and credit cards as well as the debit cards for online advance booking of the rooms.

Some of the hotels near railway station and airport offer good options for conducting business meetings and seminars. Seminar halls with a seating arrangement of thirty-forty people along with other necessary requirements essential for conducting a meeting.

Furthermore, the rooms available in these hotels have an attached balcony, LCD’s, mini refrigerator, tea/coffee making machine, electronic bedside consoles and air-conditioners. Staff members also cater to the requirements of the guests and offer laundry and twenty four hour room services. Each room has an attached bathroom that is cleaned every day.

Thus, travellers enjoy a comfortable stay within these hotels in Aurangabad and feel more at home.