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Package of Fun Tour in Bathinda

Bathinda of Punjab is visited by people of different circles as the year progressed. There are some historical spots, restaurants and architectures in this city. Whether you have come here for a relaxation get-away or having a stop-over at Bathinda for a day, you can simply visit a percentage of the best places of the city in 24 hours time. You will surely enjoy the city.

One Day Tour in Bathinda:

Though one day is insufficient to get the complete feel of the city however if the whole day’s agenda can be arranged precisely and cleverly, one can really revel some of the best vacationer spots in Bathinda and delight in mouth watering dishes at restaurants and eateries of Bathinda. Here in the article, you will get to know how to enjoy your 24 hours stay in Bathinda, a city that has enough of historical places. Bathinda City Tour must be begun a bit early else it may not be workable for one to cover all the vital places in Bathinda.

Restaurants for Breakfast:

Beginning the one day visit in Bathinda City without eating is not fair. You can have Aalo Parantha at Zakhira restaurant of Bathinda City or you could have Chole Bhaturae at Anand Chole Bhaturae. Alongside the Parantha or Chole Bhaturae, you can also delight in Punjabi Lassi that is served in the traditional way. Bread Pakodas, jalebis, foods also can be enjoyed. If you have special interest for tea or coffee, you can get them as well. South Indian dishes are likewise offered in numerous restaurants. Restaurants offering breakfast are additionally there in Bathinda.

Visit to Talwandi Sabo:

Talwandi Sabo, otherwise called Daamdama Sahib, is a holy place for the Sikhs yet it is also gone to by various people of different religions. Talwandi Sabo is one of the 5 Takhts of Sikkhism Visitors can also enjoy food at Langar at Talwandi Sabo. The menu incorporates chapatti, sabzi and daal (pulses). Talwandi Sabo is also called Daamdama Sahib as Guru Gobind Singh Ji had taken dam (rest) at Talwandi Sabo for a year after the battle with the Mughals.

Shopping at Bathinda:

Visiting by different places of enthusiasm toward Bathinda will never finish your Bathinda visit. If you are a passionate shopper, you will not like to leave Bathinda without shopping at the Dhovi Bazar and Mall Road. These are the places where one gets traditional things of Punjab and different varieties of contemporary items of brands.

Restaurants for Having Dinner:

You can relax after such a rushed day just after you get great food to consume and chilled drink. You can come to Comfort hotel to delight in wonderful dinner. If you are searching for good beverages then Maikhana Bar at Comfort hotel will never disappoint you. Refresh yourself with chilled beverages. The adjoining restaurant of this bar offers multi-cooking foods to the visitor. Enjoy in extravagant food and have a decent rest during the evening.

Come stay eat and shop from Bathinda and make your trip more memorable.